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Excuse my french- no never mind DO NOT excuse my french : This world is fucked up! There is too many soft humans. Too many pussies! There are so many people complaining about something , everyone is triggered because of something. Every other day some famous person is apologizing for some they said or someone is pulling out their phones for every reason. I don't get it at all. Back when I was younger it didn't matter what something didn't like, or what names they called us, or if they liked or didn't like something of ours. WHAT THEY EAT DON"T MAKE YOU SHIT! Meaning, It does not matter what someone thinks of you or says about you, what you are doing doesn't affect them at all. So why are you even a little bit worried about what they think. GET a BACKBONE people! Calm the fuck down! YOU are all PUSSIES! And by "you" I am referring to all of you that are so bothered by something as simple as WORDS...

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