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Whenever I see something regarding Trump in the news, it doesn't matter what it is, good or bad; there are always people that resurface and show what Trump was really about. NEGATIVE ENERGY! The racist, the ignorant, the angry, the evil people of this country will find a way to turn a subject into something disgusting. I am honestly very happy he is out of the office and the Trump lovers are still very much fuming with hate and anger because their beloved President is gone. I love the fact that they tried to tear down movements but they were not able to save their beloved Presidents job. Now he is banned from almost all social media platforms and they can't visually see the bullshit that comes from his mouth, they can only spew the bullshit out of their own mouths. But you are talking to yourselves because no one cares about Trump and no one cares about your hate for Biden. He is still our president and your Trump doesn't even have social media... Sucks doesn't it?

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